Home Depot Health Check App 2022 – All Features & Benefits


Home Depot Health Check is primarily designed to safeguard their employees from infections like COVID-19.

It’s a free associate health check that is available via both web browser and mobile App for home depot associates and ssc non associate workers.

The purpose of the Home Depot Employee Health Check is to mitigate the risk of anyone catching infectious diseases.

The employees are supposed to fill out a form about their health situation. It’s a Yes/No type of test and they make it to the premises only when they pass it.

This way they ensure safety for everyone. Both associates and ssc non associates then get benefits like short term disability insurance, support in case of accidental death, employee stock purchase plan for family members, associate discounts, tuition reimbursement benefits, disability insurance, financial benefits direct deposit, and whatnot.

What is Home Depot?

Home Depot is the name of the top USA based Home Improvement retailer. It is owned by Arthur Blank.

They created this Medical Screening System( Home Depot Health Check) to provide a platform for ensuring the safety of their workers and customers who visit their outlets.

Home Depot employees and associates often find themselves anxious about their health and general well-being for which the company has taken a step forward to ensure a better environment for their workers.

This system is already helping its employees and customers from catching infectious diseases like Covid-19

What Exactly is the Home Depot Health Check App?

Actually, things started when the virus struck and everyone began to lose their cool.

Their employees and ssc non-associate workers had been tense and showed a significant decline in their performance over the last few years.

Now this is a serious issue and the company felt this huge responsibility on its shoulders- that of protecting the health of its associates.

This is where Home Depot Health Check sneaked in.

This service makes sure that each employee is healthy enough to enter the premises, carry out his duties, and make contact with others.

So, the employees are expected to follow some protocols that require them to answer a brief questionnaire on their health status.  

The questionnaire varies from one country to the next. For the United States, it’s specifically designed keeping in view the individualized needs here.

Be it an employee or an associate, they have to fill out the form before entering the store and 4 hours before they clock in. It has YES/NO type short questions.

That said, the users of this app also get vital information about everything. The topics include Home Depot Home Page, Associate login step, ssc non associate button, home depot contact name, spending accounts, non associate workers, and what not.

The Health Check at Home Depot Process With A User ID

To take a Home Depot health Check appointment, use their app and fill out an attendance form. Having filled the form already, when the employees clock in, they are required to complete a temperature check:

  • If your temperature << 100.4 degrees, the Health Check is passed. You can set off your scheduled shift.
  • If your temperature >> 100.4 degrees, your Home depot Health Check is not passed. Now you need to clock out, leave the premises, and inform your supervisor about it. You won’t be staying on the premises that day.

Note: Your time card is continuously recording the additional time spent for associate health Check activities, so any non-compensated time that’s not been recorded earlier will be compensated later.

Exclusive Associate Health Check benefits With Home Depot

Here is Your Total Value program…

The associated people with Home Depot now get truly attractive perks and discounts in the form of compensation schemes from the company.

The benefits of health check come in the form of working-hours flexibility, group benefits like consultancy support, and some really vital advantages including bank incentives benefits. See the details. 

 Flexibility Benefits With Health Check Home Depot Service

  • Weeks of Commemoration
  • Get Leaves (unpaid)
  • Weekend offers and annual Holidays.
  • Vacation packages.
  • Paid off days in case of sickness.

Financial Benefits

  • Employees are given a clear blueprint for investing in the company stokes.
  • They get free guidance on purchasing ESPP stocks.
  • Veterinary insurance. 
  • Bank incentives benefit. 
  • Associate discounts for the insurance group.
  • Financial peace of mind in the form of The Future Builder’s Pension Plan.
  • Direct deposits and customer incentives from the partner banks.

All The Details Of Group Benefits With Home Depot Health Check

  • Legal support with clearly laid out provisions.
  • Veterinarian Care
  • Easy Car Insurance plans
  • Easy Home Insurance plans.

More Advantages with Home Depot Health Check:

Tailored to their individual and family needs, there are plans and programs designed on purpose to attract potential employees to the organization.

The benefits of Home Depot Health Check app are for everyone: part-time, hourly, or full-time salary based employees:

Part-Time Associates Benefits With Home Depot Health Check

  • Access to Dentists for Health Check
  • Home Depot Health Insurance for Temporary Disabilities (TDI).

Benefits For Full-Time, Hourly & Salaried Associates With Home Depot Health Check app

  • Social Security in the form of dependents assistance.
  • Access to best-in-class Expense Tracking System.
  • Long-term Health Care contingency support.
  • Insurance against sudden death and accidental dismemberment.  
  • Support against Tobacco Addiction and treatment of tobacco-led diseases. 
  • Discounts 0n Tax Documentation services.
  • Educational Reimbursements
  • Domestic care for disabled members.
  • Support in the form of Assistive Technology for the disabled.

How do I access the Home Depot Health Check account?

Simply head to their webpage or download their app to access the health check home depot service.

First, you need to identify whether you are an associate employee or a non-associate.

If you are an associate, provide the App with:

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Location

Now you can access the health check home depot service with ease.

For non-associates, select the option SSC Non-Associates and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone#
  • Employee ID
  • Employer#

Home Depot Health Check Data Will Allow Health Officials to Protect You

The data collected via the health check app tells quite a comprehensive story.

Home Depot has nearly half a million employees and ssc non associate who comes from all sections and classes of society.

This fact makes this data remarkably important for health policymakers. Governments can draw patterns from this data and can take valuable insights from this Home Depot health check app.

They can detect patterns as to where the virus is developing, at what rate and where it is spreading, how many infected patients are recovering fast and how many are doing slowly, and many other insights.

These insights then help them devise their strategy effectively. So this data collection is a service to the whole community. 

The Final Word

Home Depot Health Check benefits everyone- the company, the employees, the associates, and the government. There are beneficial programs for everyone.

So, it’s both a service and compulsion for their employees as well as non-associates.

Everyone stays healthy. People get dependents assistance, they get medical benefits, disability insurance, health insurance, legal services plan, financial benefits, dependent care adoption assistance, and whatnot.

You can complete the questionnaire any time 4 hours before entering the premises. And, with Home Depot Health Check mobile App, it has become even easier.  

Health check Home Depot service allows you to skip this process on non-working days. Home depot health check app won’t stay forever.

FAQ#1: What If I have forgotten the password of my Home Depot login? Can I reset it?


It’s amazingly easy with Home Depot Health Check

Simply select the Forget Password option and then follow the process on this home depot health check app. It’s easy. Just download the app from the google play store and start using it.

FAQ#2: Should I complete Home Depot health check via Home Depot mobile App or internet browser?

Well, both work equally well for the health check. However, the App is more user-friendly as it asks for only basic information during the login process.

It’s available at Apple app store for both employees and non associate workers.

You’ll get a nice search bar, smooth web application, and an elegant essential form for claiming the benefits like veterinary insurance and short term disability insurance.

FAQ#3: Is it mentally okay for employees to go through home depot health check daily?

Well, it’s certainly not more taxing than getting a deadly viral infection. Home Depot Health Check it for your health. It’s for Home Depot employees.

Home Depot stores are oftentimes overcrowded. That’s why employees must go through this cooperative activity to protect everyone’s health.

The best part is you can perform this home depot health check from the comfort of your home.

FAQ#4: Does the health check take too much time?  

Generally, the login process doesn’t take much time for a valid user. Just ensure a valid badge id and reliable internet access and the Home Depot Health Check process is easy.

You only have to answer some brief questions. You can also request an attendance change request form for both associate health check and associate accounts. 

However, the time you spend in the login process and filling it out is then compensated by the company and there’s no hidden complexity to home depot health check.

FAQ#5: How to claim compensation when I have exceeded my time filling this form of home depot health check?

Before Home Depot health check login, you need to fill out a Time Change Request form and submit it on one of the working days. You’ll add here the extra time which the company Home Depot will have to compensate. Yeah, the Home Depot app allows you to perform everything. You can also claim your bonus legal services plan direct deposit.

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