Why Did Crackstreams Shut Down? [The Best Crackstreams Alternatives in 2022]


CrackStreams is a live sports streaming website. The platform offered crack streams of copyrighted sports videos. Unfortunately, Crackstreams has had many bottlenecks during its live-streaming boom. Because of some ethical and legal hurdles, it was shut down by law enforcement authorities and then got hacked.

If you’ve been facing trouble accessing the Crackstreams recently, get hold that you are not alone. Crackstreams free live streaming has been shut down after search engines like Google took exceptions with its aggressive pirating policy.

In fact, most of its pages had already been dumped by Google before a proper crackdown. As a result, the site has now lost its original value. But it’s still available on the internet.

However, it cannot update itself. That said, there’s been no new sports content on it lately.

Let’s first quickly head to the hottest question of the day.

Why Did Crackstreams Get Shut Down?

As mentioned above, Crackstreams mainly provided pirated content. By January 2020, the website’s malpractices had gone out of control. Ultimately the site was taken off the internet following a cease-and-desist order by the U.S. authorities.

The site managed to restore itself before an alleged Chinese hacker took it over again. Since then until recently, it hadn’t been accessible. Now that it’s back again, it doesn’t offer free crack streaming. It’s just bare-bones now.   

Crackstreams alternatives 2022. Find the solution as you follow

While this situation is troublesome for avid sports lovers like you, these issues are just a common matter in the internet arena. Don’t worry. You can still watch your favorite content as there are many excellent alternatives to Crackstreams.   

Crackstreams: An Overview  

Right from the early days of the internet, Crackstreams had been one of the most frequently visited sports streaming websites. With almost 21 million visitors in 2021, it used to be a solid streaming platform that anyone could use to upload and watch videos. Users didn’t need to purchase expensive subscriptions to watch their favorite sports events. The best thing was the site offered as good an experience as any other mainstream channel.  It also provided a real-time chat box for users’ entertainment. 

Is Crackstreams Illegal?

Streaming websites that offer cracks are mostly illegal. It is absolutely unlawful to offer pirated content using any platform, and Crack versions are just that. There’s no country whose laws would allow that, nor does any credible third-party regulator allow that.

So, any website that violates this supreme community principle gets penalized in the end. Crackstream did the same and got the fate it deserved.  

Did Pirated Content Lead To Crackstreams Shut down?  

Yes, it’s 100% true that pirated sports streams got Crackstreams shut down.

The purpose of Crackstreams was to make a giant website like YouTube but with cracks being its main selling point, it just lost the credibility required. Plus, it didn’t focus on providing content from a diverse set of interests and restricted itself to only Sports. 

Will Crackstreams Be Back?

Crackstreams is already back with the domain Crackstreamshd.net. But they may not be able to offer crack versions again. This is a layman’s assessment as now they will be on the watch list of all the regulators. However, some streaming-websites pundits like John Burek (https://www.pcmag.com/authors/john-burek) claim that Crackstreams original offers will be back soon. He further says there will be an even greater number of cracks this time.

CrackStreams Shut Down: How to Watch Free Live Sports Streaming Now?

Crackstream Tyson used to work quite similar to a typical sports channel. You needed to sign up with your username. Then, you would find a Crack live stream you’d been looking for. However, now it’s not possible.

Five First-Rate Alternatives To Crackstreams

Here’s a wide array of super-working alternative streaming sites to Crackstreams that are all accessible today. Some of these also get a place on the list of the Best Free IPTVs. All these websites:

·       Offer content from diverse categories

·       Get millions of monthly visitors

·       Have a decent user-interface

·       Rank low on the ad annoyance scale

·       Are VPN-friendly

·       Enjoy a good name all over the globe.

1. Viprow

Here’s an amazingly fast & free live-streaming platform for sports content. Now sports nerds will get some real value in the form of non-stop HD video action. Quite similar to VipLeague, it looks as if Viprow, Vipbox, and VipLeague are the ideas of the same mind.

So, Viprow has the backing of some splendid players.

How is Viprow a great option after Crackstreams shutdown?

Without any location-based restrictions, Viprow allows you to enjoy sports events as MLB, EPL and NFL, just to name a few. There you find links to live streaming and enjoy interesting content such as quizzes and fun trivia.

These trivial questions make that taxing loading time easy to pass for you. They just enhance the user experience on the site.  

2. ITV

Only die-hard ITV fans know what happened when Crackstreams got shut down abruptly. Yes, the site is back online, but you won’t be able to watch any live sports on it. It’s changed its style and is now available to paid subscribers only. So technically, it’s not offering cracks anymore. But you do need an online platform to live stream & watch the games like Warriors. ITV comes to your rescue here.

It provides you a secure platform to stream games online. The only con is it may take a long time before you invite enough people to your page.

3. Fox Sports

Watch sports online in HD on Fox Sports. A reliable Crackstreams alternative, it’s been around for only a few years, and yet it still has gathered a whopping 21 million active users.
That makes Fox one of the most popular live-streaming platforms.

The best part is their servers are hardly down and they cover nearly every sport. From Football to Cricket to Tennis, and whatnot.  

FirstRow Sports is among the most widely acclaimed sports streaming sites that mainly offer live soccer games. A VPN-friendly site, it’s completely compatible even with IPVanish.

That said, get high-quality videos and easy navigation on the site. FirstRow also offers amazing promotions depending on which type of stream you are watching. The only con is that the site sometimes remains shut down following legal issues, but it’s available now.

5. Sportsurge

Sportsurge brings you the comfort of live sports streams in the most popular games. From Formula One to MotoGP to MLB, find everything at this amazing sports portal.   

You’ll be headed to some fully functioning links where you’ll be watching HD content. Previously, it restricted its streaming to just MLB and NBA, but it’s been expanded to giving the live experience of football and even UFC to its audience.

Basically, Sportsurge is a directory-like service where links are accessible easily. In fact, it’s a great option for streaming your live content.

The best part is Sportsurge seems to have stressed its narrow niche. As it provides streaming of Football matches, you would get links to nearly every popular billion-dollar league on the planet, like La Liga (Spain) and Bundesliga (Germany). That’s something extraordinary for a common user.

The Final Story 

Crackstreams Free Streaming of Live Sports May Not Be Same Again

While CrackStreams had multiple advantages, it also had several flaws, including unstable video quality. Now that it doesn’t offer anything really valuable, it’s still a mystery why anyone would still visit it. Yes it still gets traffic. Maybe it’s become nostalgia for some sports fans as they really loved streaming boxing matches on it.  

The above-mentioned alternatives to Crackstreams are also popular sports streaming sites and are all dependable choices for you. Cherry on the top, they all work amazingly well on mobile phones and offer better content than sports channels like Youtube TV and Sky sports. That said, fuboTV, FootyBite, and CricHD Live also make some decent additions to the list.

Finally, some experts claim that Crackstreams will soon be back in full swing. Let’s see what’s on the cards for sports lovers.    

FAQ#1: I can’t even open Crackstreams. What’s the reason?

If you are experiencing trouble with opening the live sports streaming site Crackstreams, it’s because you may be using a non-traditional type of content distribution.

Whereas, Crackstreams uses Flash for video streaming which may not be supported by mobile/Mac as they don’t use Flash.

FAQ#2: Is Crackstreams a secure sports streaming website?

Yes, CrackStreams is a full-time secure platform. They have employed 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS encryptions to ensure strict data privacy for you.

FAQ#3: How can I stream NBA streams, NFL streams, and UFC Fights on streaming sites?

You can watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events exclusively on ESPN+, which requires you to have a personal login.

Also, the other streaming sites mentioned above are also among the best Crackstreams alternatives and offer the best video quality. You can use any of them to watch NBA and NFL as well as other boxing streams. 

FAQ#4: Can I stream UFC fights via Amazon Prime?

Yes You Can.

Amazon Prime Video offers this deal to all UFC fans out there. All the pay-per-view UFC matches are available for purchase at their website.

FAQ#5: Can I stream UFC on Hulu?

UFC bout on Hulu? Absolutely YES.

Here is some additional information on UFC 261 live streaming.  The earlier fights will be streamed live on ESPN and ESPN+, and UFC Fight Pass. Also, you can watch UFC 261’s early featuring fights on ESPN’s website with a cable access login.

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