How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?


Minecraft is an interesting game, especially for enthusiasts who like to build stuff out of nothing, just to satisfy their creative selves. 

This time, looking to erect buildings out of literally nothing? Fed up with having to hide up onside that shabby dirt hut? 

Well, what you need is at least some smooth stone. We’ll share how to make smooth stone and then anything in Minecraft. 

But if you want a house that’s not crap, you’ll need to use some better-looking blocks — the best example, is smooth stone.

Here is a complete process: 

  • Smooth stone is effective in real life, and equally handy in Minecraft. but when you mine it, you get only cobblestones.
  • We’ll then use this cobblestone to make stone. 
  • Stone is helpful for all construction projects in Minecraft, including building foundations, walls, floors, and whatnot. 
  • It is also used in crafting recipes, such as smooth stone slabs and smooth stone stairs. 
  • And the best part is, with just a little bit of effort, you can also easily create smooth stone in Minecraft.

How to Make Smooth Using Cobblestone Stone in Minecraft?

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We’ll simply use a Furnace to smelt cobblestone into the smooth stone using fuel.

Come up with the following materials… 

  1. Cobblestone – use a pickaxe to mine it from cobblestone blocks.
  2. Furnace: A furnace is a crafting table that allows you to smelt items and cook food. You can craft a furnace by combining 8 cobblestone blocks in a crafting table.
  3. Coal or wood for fuelling.

How to Craft the Furnace in Minecraft? 

To craft a furnace, place cobblestone in the top left and top right slots of the crafting grid, and iron in the middle slot.

Then, drag the furnace to your inventory… 

Do this to make smooth stone in Minecraft:

  1. Pick cobblestone.
  2. Place them in the top slot of the furnace.
  3. Add fuel to the bottom slot.
  4. Ignite the furnace and let it smelt the cobblestone.
  5. Wait for the cobblestone to smelt into smooth stone, which will appear in the output slot of the furnace.
  6. Pick up the smooth stone and use it the way you like.

How much smooth stone will I get?

For every unit of cobblestone you smelt, you get one piece of stone. That’s how it works… 

How much time?

For every unit, it takes a few minutes. 

You’ll need nine units of cobblestone to craft a Furnace. 

Pro tip: You can also charcoal or a bucket of lava as a substitute for coal or wood, 

How to make smooth stone using a stonecutter?

  1. Simply place cobblestone in the top left slot of the stonecutter and press the craft button. 
  2. You will receive one smooth stone in return.
  3. If you’re looking to upgrade your buildings from dirt or plain cobblestone, give the smooth stone a shot. It’ll look much cleaner.

How To Make Smooth Stone Slab? 

Making a smooth stone slab in Minecraft world requires a few key steps and, of course, some patience.

The following steps help you do that: 

  1. Pick a stone slab, sandpaper, and a polishing compound.
  2. Sand the stone slab: Using the sandpaper, sand it in a circular manner until it is smooth enough to the touch.
  3. You can start with a coarser grit sandpaper and gradually move to a finer grit to achieve a smoother finish.
  4. Now apply the polishing stuff: pick a soft cloth and apply the polishing compound to the stone slab. Rub it in a circular way until it is evenly distributed on the slab.
  5. Buff the stone slab: Using a buffing wheel or a clean cloth, buff it to make it noticeably shiny.
  6. Just repeat everything: If the stone slab is not as smooth as you’d like, repeat the sanding and polishing steps until you achieve the finish you are looking for.

Remember this formula always works. 

Just be sure to take your time and pay attention to detail. 

You’ll get the best results. 

Another way to make smooth stone slabs? 

  • Just line the bottom three slots of a Crafting Table with smooth stone. 
  • You’ll get six smooth stone slabs.  
  • These will be the pieces of smooth stone, half in length as usual.

How to Make Stone Bricks in Minecraft?  

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Making stone bricks in Minecraft is also a simple process. 

Let’s do this… 

  1. Again, pick cobblestone, a furnace, iron, and wood or coal.
  2. Now place the furnace on the ground.
  3. Add fuel to the bottom slot to heat the furnace bottom slot. 
  4. Place cobblestone in the top slot.
  5. The cobblestone will start smelting and turning into stone bricks. 
  6. It will take a few seconds for the cobblestone to smelt into stone bricks. 
  7. When you see smoke rising from the top of the furnace, consider the bricks are ready. 
  8. Pick them out.

And that’s it!

How to make a stonecutter in Minecraft? 

  1. Gather cobblestone and an iron ingot.
  2. Open your crafting menu: do this by pressing the E key on your keyboard or select the crafting table icon from your inventory.
  3. Place your cobblestone and iron ingot in the crafting grid.
  4. Place the cobblestone in the center box and the iron ingot in the top left box. This will create a stonecutter in the result box.
  5. Shift the stonecutter to your inventory (Simply left click on the stonecutter in the result box and it will be added to your inventory)
  6. Find a spot to place your stonecutter. It can be placed on any solid block. When you have a convenient location, right-click to place it.

Wrapping it Up: 

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As you delve into the world of crafting, embrace your creativity and experiment with various materials and designs.

In conclusion, mastering the art of crafts in Minecraft opens a world of possibilities for creative building and resource management.

With a few simple steps, you can produce smooth stone, a sleek and polished material that can enhance the appearance of your structures.

That said, by learning to craft smooth stone slabs and stone bricks, you can add depth and intricacy to your designs.
Remember, the process starts with gathering cobblestone, which is abundant in the Minecraft world. Utilizing a furnace, you can smelt the cobblestone into smooth stone, unlocking new building options.

Let your imagination run wild as you build and explore a blocky universe filled with endless possibilities. Happy crafting!

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