15 Best Educational Cartoons for Kids


For every age and culture 

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to educate your kids? 

Look no further, because we have compiled a list of the 15 best educational cartoons for kids of every age and culture.

These cartoons not only provide entertainment but also offer valuable lessons and knowledge for your children. From classic favorites like “Cyber Chase” to newer hits like “Ask the Storybots” our list has something for every child to enjoy.

So, relax. Get some popcorn and allow your kids to educate themselves and grow by watching these phenomenal animations.

How many cartoons are educational? 

It is difficult to say exactly how many cartoons are educational, as there is no definitive answer. However, there are many cartoons that can be considered educational, as they teach children about a variety of subjects, such as math, science, history, and social studies. Some of the most popular educational cartoons are the following: 

1. Cyber Chase

Cyber Chase comes with not only entertainment but immense educational value for your kids. It follows the adventures of four friends as they travel through a virtual world to stop an evil force, named Hacker.

Along the way, they learn about some modern phenomena like internet safety, coding, and problem-solving skills, which is an extremely vital exposure for kids.

Moreover, children learn about the importance of protecting their personal information online and how to use technology responsibly.

They use a lot of Mathematics, learn it while solving problems, and also encounter various challenges that require them to think creatively and work as a team to solve problems.

All in all, Cyber Chase is a fun and educational way for kids to learn about the prevalent digital world. It’s a great resource for parents and teachers to use in teaching kids over age five about internet safety and the power of technology.

2. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood airs on PBS Kids. The show is designed to teach young children important social skills and lessons about emotions, friendships, and problem-solving.

An extension of the original series “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” this Cartoon show’s star is a little tiger, Daniel. He’s on a mission to explore his neighborhood in various scenarios and, in the meanwhile, helps your children learn how to regulate their emotions and behavior in various social situations. 

Along his journey, there’s so much for your little one to learn about life and its colors. 

Every day, the 4-year-old tiger Daniel gets up, takes a shower, wears his cute nostalgic dress, and set outs for an adventure. Oftentimes, he has to face challenges teaching your kids how to cope with their feelings and find ways to resolve conflicts.

The best part is Daniel’s adventures promote the idea of community and teamwork in your kids.

That said, if you’re working up your youngling’s manners, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is just the right place to start.

3. Word World

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If your little one ran out of shows that feature teaching stuff regarding reading and writing, Word World is the show they need. This is a virtual world for kids where every character is made from letters and your kids get a chance to learn how to solve problems with words.

Suitable for kids above 3 years of age, the characters of the show go on adventures and solve problems using the power of words. 

The show promotes a healthy approach to problem-solving and teaches your youngsters about words and proper communication. They also get to learn how to create new meanings and convey different ideas. 

4. Wonder Pets

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Wonder pets is for animal lovers. The setting of the show is nostalgic, immersive, and intriguing enough for the mental satiating of your kid.

Recommended for preschoolers, early schoolers, and even for kids aged 7-8 years, the show features a rescue team of three classroom pets who travel the world and help animals in need. 

Linny always seems to bear the brunt of everything, being the guinea pig. However, Ming-ming is a duckling and Tuck is a turtle who add liveliness to the group. Your child will undoubtedly adore all three of them.

The team set off for the travel and along the path, there’s a plethora of skills they teach. Problem-solving, teamwork, compassion for others, and whatnot. 

Moreover, the show uses catchy songs and engaging characters to keep kids entertained and engaged.

5. Backyardigans

Again, a cartoon show with a wonderful team of characters and their fantastic journey. 

There are five animals, Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, and Austin use their imaginations to transform their backyard into exciting and fantastical places. 

They all share one quality among themselves- their unbelievable power of imagination and their love for asking questions and exploring the world.  

If your child is above four, you can also bank on Backyardigans to transfer these imaginative skills to your kids. The show promotes exploration, imagination, creative thinking, and so many more crucial skills. 

6. Super Why 

Super Why is a cartoon designed specifically for children that promotes early literacy skills in a fun and engaging way. The show follows a group of characters “Super Readers” who embark on exciting adventures and solve problems. 

Recommended for kids aged 3-7, the show teaches literacy skills, such as phonics, spelling, and vocabulary, through its storyline and educational segments.

In fact, let them take the very first look, and the show will just capture your kid’s attention. Characters, their moves, music, and whatnot, you’ll love everything.  

The four protagonists have special reading abilities, offering a lot to learn from. With a heavy emphasis on teaching children the importance of asking questions, problem-solving, and persistence, Super Why is just a phenomenal item on the list. 

7. Max and Ruby 

No matter if your little one is still toddling or is ready for school, Max and Ruby will always bring joy and fun to your doorstep. 

They openly give and take, emphasizing the importance of love, communication, and family values. 

The show follows the adventures of two bunny siblings, Max and Ruby. Theme? the importance of communication and understanding. 

Max is a young bunny who is still learning how to communicate effectively, while Ruby is a more experienced girl who helps her brother learn how to express himself.

Through their interactions, kids can learn how to effectively communicate their thoughts and needs, and how to listen and understand others.

That said, Max and Ruby often face challenges and problems that they must work together to solve. They prioritize love, empathy, and care for each other. No wonder, it’s one of the most highly praised cartoons for kids.  

8. Nutri Ventures

With obesity, diabetes, and so many other fatal diseases on the rise especially among children, this is the best time to arrange some nutrition-first lessons for your children’s little growing minds. 

For children aged 6+ years, the show features four stars as they travel their journey through food kingdoms and learn about the nutritive “powers” of each food item they eat. 

The heroes of this show, Theo, Den, Leo, and Nina, help children learn the Importance of good, clean, and healthy food in the most entertaining way possible.

Their mission is to filter all the food for healthy items and bring them to their home for their young ones. Also, they tend to learn more and more about the nutritional value of food. 

To put it short, the health lesson for your kids is immense here. 

The most impactful way to show care for kids is by choosing healthy food for them. The subconscious of the little minds just gets the best lesson packed in the entertainment they can enjoy all day long.  

If at this age, they get to realize the urgency of consuming only healthy food, it’s a victory for parents. Nutri Ventures cartoons is the way to go.  

9. Sid the Science Kid 

You must be wondering how to satiate your child’s growing-with-each-day questions. If so, Sid the Science Kid is the ultimate hero your child needs to satiate her curiosity. Made for children aged 3-6 years, this show lets your child get answers for the most challenging “why” & “How” questions. 

The hero of the show, Sid, acts as a stand-up comedian and asks the most intriguing questions. Then he answers them himself in a fun and engaging way. 

For example, he asks “Why do bananas become polka-dot fruits after being left for too long?” 

Your child would be asking similar questions. No? time to get them the answers they need (tongue-in-cheek) 

Most importantly, kids get to learn how to question things and not just believe them passively. The most important skill in this age of manipulation. 

Ultimately, Sid enhances their ability to spark their interests and involvement in science from a young age.

10. Ask The Storybots 

Having won the Emmy Award from Netflix, this show is an amazing illustration of world exploration and mission fulfillment. 

You know children are naturally curious and love to explore new ideas. This show’s engaging format and colorful characters help to keep your children engaged while teaching the most important skills they need to cruise through this competitive world. 

Recommended for kids aged+ 3 to 8 years, The Story bots give your children a chance to get answers to fun questions with “Team 3418” 

This show is a perfect example of how we can help our youth get a better understanding of how the Internet works and what it can be used for. The show covers a wide range of topics, from basic math, science, and the internet to social-emotional learning and creativity.

11. Paw Patrol 

Has your little one reached the age of nine and struggling to find her passion for learning? If yes, then this show is just the right choice for her. 

The vibrant setting, endearing personalities, and thrilling escapades of the Paw Patrol crew are captivating and can attract your child’s interest.

All while imparting valuable lessons on virtues such as loyalty, empathy, and teamwork.

The reason why Paw Patrol has gained such traction in recent years is its unprecedented group of six rescue dogs, led by the protagonist Roy, who work together to solve problems and help their community survive. The show is for kids of 3 and above age.

12. Elena of Avalor 

Probably the best educational cartoon for toddlers, it’s a vintage princess story. With empires, witchcraft, and magic spells.

Elana of Avalor, the show star, offers some great character and leadership & bravery lessons for your child. The show also impresses upon your child the importance of family.  

Suitable for kids around the age of 5, the show features adventures, lessons, and transitions that your kid who has just surpassed the toddler stage can enjoy immensely.   

The cartoon show airs on Disney Junior. 

The best part of this show is the cultural diversity and inclusivity that it promotes, as Elena is from an imaginary kingdom inspired by Latin American cultures.

13. Wild Kratts 3-12 

Wild Kratts, a show intended for kids aged 3-12, is the best choice to stimulate your children’s minds and keep them engaged if they are any age between 3 to 12. Education packed with nostalgic entertainment, Wild kratts offers such content that invokes fun and humor with education. 

If a kid is even a little bit into animation, she will love Kriss and Martin Kratt, hosts of “Kratt’s Creatures” and “Zoobomafo”. When they set off for their adventure, each episode has its own fun and message.   

Then the show covers topics related to the natural world, including animal behavior, ecology, and conservation, which helps to foster a sense of curiosity and wonder in children.

With the diversity of animals, the challenge they present, and the willpower they demonstrate, Wild Kratts is definitely going to be a lasting memory for your kid. 

14. Go Diego Go 

Go Diego Go discovers a world of valor and leadership for kids and inspires a strong urge to become real-life heroes. In fact, it’s another series worthy of appraisal for being one of the best educational cartoons for toddlers. 

Did your child love Dora the Explorer? If yes, then this show is going to be another favorite for him. Yes, the hero Diego Marquez is Dora’s cousin.

Let your kid Travel with Diego and explore mystery adventures and exotic animals in the most intriguing way possible.

The best part is, the values we need to teach kids these days are equality, empathy, compassion, and Diego’s journey teaches these all.

Recommended for kids above three, Diego can encourage your toddler to be an animal person as soon as they acquire the ability to crawl and toddle.

15. Little Einsteins

Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June are little Einsteins and they can teach your toddler everything they need to know about science, math and so much more. 

Explore nature, diverse cultures, arts, and other important concepts for a young developing mind. Educational cartoons for toddlers are meant to be entertaining and to teach children about various stuff. This one does exactly that in the best possible way.

Recommended for preschoolers, Little Einsteins will encourage your kid to ponder different subjects and learn critical thinking skills.

The show follows a group of young friends who go on adventures and use their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math to solve problems and overcome challenges.

Not only is Little Einsteins entertaining for children, but it also serves as a valuable learning tool. The show introduces kids to various concepts in STEM fields and encourages them to use their curiosity and creativity to explore the world around them.

Wrapping it Up:

Educational cartoons are a great way to engage kids of all ages and cultures in learning. These 15 cartoons offer a diverse variety of educational themes and topics that are both entertaining and informative for your kids.

From science and math to social studies and language arts, these cartoons provide valuable lessons that kids can apply to their everyday lives.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or care professional, these educational cartoons are a fantastic resource for promoting learning and growth in kids.

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