Who Is A Sigma Male? Personality Traits, Benefits, And Drawbacks Explained


Men have always been categorized in a socio-sexual horizon. Social pundits define certain personality types and then assign them to people having similar qualities. This dichotomy of Alpha, beta, Omega, and now Sigma male is also part of this instinctual habit of man.   

Based on their personalities, social standing among other men, and appeal to women, men are held either alpha male or sigma male or so. 

These two are just popular categories used to classify men with Sigma making its entry just recently. 

Difference between Alpha Males & Sigma Males

Alpha male is a term used to describe men who are dominant and assertive, whereas the word Sigma male points to men who have characteristics of both alpha and beta males. While Alpha males like to be noisy and outgoing, Sigma males are naturally more introverted and solitude lovers. 

Definition of Sigma male

A man who stands out with charisma and unwavering belief in his ambitions and values is described as a sigma male.
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Origins of the Sigma male

Basically, it’s a new term that socio-sexual commentators use to refer to an extended version of personality having the traits of both alpha and beta males. You can say, it’s just a pro level branding of enhanced masculinity. 

The term was first used by the famous writer on Male Sexuality Theodore Robert Beale (nickname Vox Day) in 2010. In his own words, a sigma male is a ‘lone wolf’ and equated sigma males to introverted alpha males. 

Sigma males generally fall outside the binary classification of alpha and beta. In other words, they exist outside the socio-sexual hierarchy. Although Sigma males are introverts and reject mainstream society, they are successful in life and are popular with women. 

They are also highly independent, have little regard for social perceptions, and do not conform to expectations. 

That said, they break stereotypes and make a path for themselves outside society’s expectations.

How to be a Sigma male? Overcome these 5 typical obstacles

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If you want to be a Sigma male, you should have the ability to design your dream destiny. You have to be the captain of your ship. 

But how can you get this power and then make the most of it?

How do you develop into the sigma man that everyone admires?

The path to becoming a lone warrior Sigma has 5 typical obstacles. 

Let’s overcome them and become the next lion (or, sigma) 

1. Sigma males are notorious non-conformists. It’s tough but be one.  

Sigma males just don’t give a crap about the expectations that suck.

The authentic sigma is above all a carefree type of a bloke. He follows his own rhythm and beat. The sigma goes right when the crowds are moving in a direction to the left, and moves when everyone else is sleeping. 

He has to be like that. 

He applies his own mind. What’s valuable for the passive crowds may not be so for the Sigma male, and it happens 90 out of 100 times. 

They just have their own perspective. They don’t seek validation from others, they seek it from their own self, their own reasoning.  

Almost every other man around a Sigma is going to prioritize trends and that personality-killer acceptance, but Sigma men come up with their own definition of a status-preserving lifestyle.

Yes, they are infamous outliers. But wait, isn’t that attractive? It enormously is. 

His decisions are based on his own goals and instinctual value system. If society doesn’t accept him, he is enough to cater for himself. A sigma is a true male. 

2. Be a solo flight taker to become a Sigma

This is another fascinating trait of the Sigma. 

They are solo fighters but not necessarily aloof from society and its arms. Nor do they dislike social togetherness. The point is, they aren’t just too much invested in others.

They may work normal standard jobs and still be content. 

They may be the ultimate social winner and still loathe every bit of it. They build their own performance metrics. They carry their own genre of lifestyle and heroics. Sigma men just believe in their own logic and go for it undeterred. 

Apart from that, a Sigma values his time, friends and family without really looking like doing so. Solo flight habit makes you a bit callous but a true sigma only appears so, and doesn’t actually become that.   Yes, he respects himself more than anything. That’s how he develops the healthiest relationships and this subtlety is grounded in his sigma- ness. 

Like any other member of the society, a sigma male has to assimilate himself into the social hierarchy in one way or other, but the way he rises up to the occasion speaks for itself. This is where he brings that Sigma character out to the world. But then again, no formal rules can bind him to any traditional expectations. Beware, he can escape anytime. He is a sigma after all. 

3. Be in touch with your own power

Be aware of your own strength and you are on the path to become the next Sigma.

You must first find power in order to become the sigma you desire and make the most of your talents and shortcomings. 

Yes, awareness is the key.  

This entails being able to decide for yourself without consulting anyone else. You must also learn how to control your emotions and set boundaries. That’s where power emerges from.  

A sigma male stands up and takes charge of his life and grows stronger and more forceful. You also need to emulate that. Start by first getting to know yourself better. Once you discover the deeper sigma within you, you can set off creating a self-image that is representative of who you are as a notorious bad boy. 

In order to properly express and manage these emotions, you must learn to cope with them.

This could mean: 

  • Having a deep sincere conversation with someone about what’s bothering you. 
  • Being decisive. For example, writing to the authorities 
  • Participating in a demonstration or march 
  • Speaking up at a gathering where crucial decisions are made 
  • Exercising and letting out your feelings in your way
  • Engaging in scream therapy.

Well the key is, own and channelize your feelings, resentments, and rage to forge some really enduring bonds with others. 

Set off by discussing these sentiments with a person who is your legit sympathizer. 

4. Treat everyone fairly to establish your credibility 

One of the most crucial items to become a Sigma guy is this quality of fairness. 

You must be treating everyone with respect and in the same manner. You’ll find many people around you who have only little principles in them but you’ve got to stand out by becoming a fair guy. 

That’s how a sigma behaves. 

This implies that you should radiate confidence in your interactions with your remarks to everyone. People will respect you back if you treat them with respect and may even follow your footsteps. That’s when you establish the brand YOU.

To put it succinctly, you need to be the role model that others only aspire to be. It’s about becoming an unassuming leader who can still inspire by being an example while being unafraid to make a difference.

5. Take chances in life: Embrace risks to become unstoppable 

Testing your luck and then showing belief is another stage to becoming a Sigma male.

Be the guy who’s got that reputation of the dominant, fearless decision maker. 

That requires risks. Take ones! 

You won’t be able to accomplish anything if you’re not willing to take a chance on everything you crave for. It’s all about asking yourself some really crucial questions.

  • Are you prepared to defy a traditional, sloppy attitude and carry out your own unique ideas? 
  • Are you ready to defend your convictions no matter who opposes them?
  • Are you willing to make sacrifices to live the life of your dreams?   

Show up and see what follows, and take command. 

Start over if it doesn’t work out the first time, but this time, take the chances that will help you achieve. 

Yeah, all male members of the Sigma fraternity ought to know this.

Don’t allow anyone to influence you. Stay true to yourself.

You can always take the boy out of the wolf, but you can never take the wolf out of the kid, isn’t there? Guess what, though? Wolves take chances. They make their shot and jump in. You are responsible for taking the shot.

Don’t listen to advice from others. Keep in mind that you should live your life as you see fit. To change the world and experience the most incredible adventures, you must be willing to take chances.

Alpha Male: The Classic Competitor of the Sigma Male

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An alpha male is a successful, self-assured, and highly resourceful man. Generally speaking, alpha guys make excellent leaders and desire to hold positions of authority.

Alpha was the initial letter of the Greek alphabet, which was developed in 1000 BCE. The most dominant animal in a pack of wild animals (or presumably more advanced people) continued to be called alpha throughout the centuries that followed.

Typical characteristics of alpha guys include:

  • Holding a position of authority
  • Being at ease with having huge responsibilities
  • Willing to be in charge
  • Being the most successful, impressive, and assertive person put there. 
  • The capacity to attract attention and exert great influence
  • Capable of being perceived as the smartest person in the room 
  • Being self-assured and at ease with oneself is an alpha male mindset.
  • Having self-control, being present, and being confident that you can manage anything.

The influence of touch makes a man the real Alpha male 

Although Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson are not a couple, their on-screen connection as Mission Impossible co-stars says a lot about the influence of an alpha male’s touch. 

At one point, Cruise even rubs Ferguson’s pregnant belly (remember to only touch when invited and welcome) showing how concerned he is about Ferguson in this hyper vulnerable situation.

Read more at: https://www.scienceofpeople.com/alpha-male/

Beta Males: Let’s Talk About the “Lieutenants”

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The “lieutenants” of the socio-sexual hierarchy are beta males. 

The Alpha “top dog” and the “rest of the pack” are connected by Beta Males. They follow the commands of their far-more-able alpha leader, and oversee the smooth execution of his orders across the ranks.

Beta males have an unwavering loyalty to their alphas. They receive a lot of the privileges associated with high status and position in return for their allegiance with the alpha males. 

Yes, to keep the hierarchy stable and to uphold structure and order, beta males enforce the alpha’s rules.

Difference between Alpha Males & Beta Males 

It should’ve been very clear now. 

If we sum up the above mentioned discussion, the alpha male is an assertive, dominant, and powerful man in society. On the other hand, the beta male is a term used to describe a man who is not perceived as powerful. 

The beta male is the weakest, most meek, subservient, and most effective man in a particular group. This is the difference between alpha and beta males. 

Omega Males

The omega male is a guy who simply rejects all the typical male rules. He doesn’t want to be the best of the best and remains in his own shell. Contrary to the typical male preconceptions, he isn’t willing to be the top performer or take charge in the circumstances of his life.

His chief trait is a strong passion for a particular hobby that drags him away from the “time-wasting” day-to-day affairs, such as his professional job or personal relationships. 

Yes, the omega male is an outgoing yet uncharged individual who struggles to “grow up” by embracing traditional social obligations like love relationships, having a family, and working a regular job.

Delta Male

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In the socio-cultural arena, the delta male is the guy who is just another typical, predictable and dare I say, normal guy. 

He doesn’t lead like Alphas. 

He feels content with whatever less he’s got and is comparatively easy to win over. Delta men generally live a common man’s life. A delta male gets married, raises a family, and performs normal day-to-day roles in the community.

They could be manufacturing workers, police officers, teachers, bank tellers, retail employees, or simple blue-collar laborers, etc. However, they are also arguably the most significant part of the hierarchies they are a part of. Without them, it can’t keep going.

Why are delta males so passive & ordinary?

Since delta males are the ones that carry out the job and accomplish things for society. They turn up to work, put in their time, meaningfully contribute to society, spend money on the things they want, and maintain society’s progress.

They are also the reason why successful and efficient activities, and projects are carried out, and hierarchical groups are maintained. That’s why a hierarchy will perform better if it rewards and takes care of its deltas. 

An organization that properly cares for its delta workers is the one that wins it in the end. If they offer their deltas benefits, pay them bonuses, and ensure that they distribute enough rewards to keep everyone content.

This directly addresses corporate culture. Perhaps a thought leader on how to do this successfully is Gary Vaynerchuk. You may want to listen to him. 

In fact, they are the common men who put in the effort to complete the task at hand. Without deltas, the alphas have no one to rule over and the sigma has no support system in society to exercise his independence.

Any hierarchy would crumble without deltas.

The Beta vs Delta Debate:  

Delta men are the typical members of the “workforce,” whereas beta men serve like the executives of the social hierarchy. Delta men are “blue-collar” males who strive like worker bees in a bee hive so that the “Queen” may live the life of her dreams. 

They are the men who carry out the tasks required to maintain the hierarchy and get things done. In the workplace, the “common workers” or deltas are those who generate the value needed to keep the business operating and turning a profit.

However, it’s important to see how betas and deltas interact with each other. As part of the middle management, beta males normally exercise direct control over the delta workforce. 

What happens is, Beta males act as intermediates and solve problems for the alpha males making it easier for Deltas, cementing their position beneath themselves. 

Betas comprehend Delta’s role and the significance of giving them what they need to succeed. 

Don’t settle for anything less than a sigma male personality  

The discussion about Sigmas conveys only one thing as indispensable. Just own yourself. 

As far as beta males, Omega males, and Delta males are concerned, they are inferior to Sigmas. They are just workers on the assembly line. 

They are maintaining a hierarchy, preventing things from crumbling and turning to chaos. But Sigmas live for themselves.   

When you love yourself, everything else will follow.

To place a priority on being yourself first may come out as arrogant or narcissistic. But it isn’t. The goal is not to embrace aspects of yourself that need change or to think that you are superior to others.

Wrapping it Up

It’s about creating a positive and supportive bond with YOU!

Being a sigma is about committing to who you are and constantly evolving yourself under the guidance of instinct, love, and that inborn masculinity that you’ve always known existed.  

It’s about realizing the varying shades of your personality. Treating yourself with the same amount of care that you generally reserve for others. Everything is a part of loving yourself.

Sadly, we don’t learn to love ourselves until it’s too late in life. And as a result, we start to care more about what other people think of us than we do about our basic needs. We all need to grow Sigma.

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