17 Fun Games to Play at School On Computer: Say No To Boredom

Fun Games to Play at School On Computer
Fun Games to Play at School On Computer

Bored at school? Wanna play games but the school computer has blocked them out?

No worries, we are going to solve your problem.

We know that taking a break to play games on your device may do wonders for your mood and stress management at school. You just want to play exciting video games, and you deserve that. After all, you are a cool kid bruh!!

Why does my school block free online games for children?

A few games & websites provide the reason for these barriers. By blocking these controversial games, schools make sure that the kids aren’t wasting their time, using the internet inappropriately, or surfing the web without any idea of what they are doing.

This way, kids automatically start prioritizing their syllabus work and education remains the top focus. However, there are many other games that are not blocked by schools.

Disclaimer: The article promotes games only that the education experts (https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/good-gaming.html) think are not unhealthy for your development, and which have been approved by parents on a wide scale.

Top 17 free games for kids to play at school on computer 

17 of the top unblocked games for 2023 have been carefully chosen by our education experts. they include racing, maths, hunting, puzzle games, sports games, and whatnot. Make sure to bookmark several of these online playgrounds because schools may find out about them and ban access to just one of them (some of the school admins are psycho EMO).

Here are the game choice winners you can play to pass time the next time you finish your task before everyone else.

1.  Runescape

A group of men in armor

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RuneScape is an intense game played with some thrilling combat and precision skilling. It can provide a very pleasant experience for kids fed up with tedious classes. Already, many students spend hours using the game’s AFK features, progressing on a second screen while doing other things like watching TV or shopping.  

The “free game” Runescape is also quite an enriching experience. You can even undertake most of the missions with this free version.

According to a mom, Melina, if you honestly believe that your 11-year-old is mature enough, you could allow her to play RuneScape because there is a relatively low degree of bad behavior compared to other competitive games.

The beautiful thing about RuneScape is that although it is played online, you are not required to play it with others. You can enjoy it alone.

2. Maple Story (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWgnROGmi6s&t=4s )

Maple Story spells an innocent Fun. It becomes a habit, burns through your anxiety bucket – and you didn’t even know about it. Yeah, it’s magical.

While Runescape has a conventional design created for the boys, Maple Story comes with a lovely interface targeting primarily teenagers, lads, and females.   

You would have heard of this game even if you haven’t played it. One of the best features that Maple Story brings to the table is the pre-paid cards that can be used to purchase stuff with money from Gachapon, a type of virtual vending machine.

3. Little Fighter 2 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdyR51rKutY )

If you ever happened to see two or more kids hunched over a computer, pounding away at their keyboards, it’s likely they’re playing Little Fighter 2.

Little Fighter 2 is sure to be amongst the best-in-class PC fighting games. The best part is, each character in the game has unique credentials, which adds enormous interest to the game.

Enjoy multiplayer fighting with this unique game that has a side-scrolling user interface to allow the users to control the game easily.

The only real difference between characters in the majority of previous fighting games used to be their appearance and unique moves.

However, Little Fighter 2 is really smooth to play because all the characters have unique advantages and, of course, unique downsides.

However, that is not the case with LF2 where Rudolf, the ninja runs faster than everybody else and the unique trait of Deep is his enormity and masculine power complemented by a trademark sword that damages enemies way more fiercely than any other character.

That’s the diversity that brings beauty to the game.  

4. Windows games (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/windows )

Windows, the most commonly used Operating System in school computers, also offers some exciting games. 

Since school computers are intended for educational purposes, IT lab administrators would normally restrict these games. Though a few computers could still somehow be eluded from the admins’ scrutiny.

3D Pinball is one of the top computer games that you can play on such computers. The best feature of these Windows games is that they are playable without the internet.

That said, there are some other options as well. Ultimate Word Games, Mahjong, Minesweeper, and Solitaire are good examples.

5. Miniclip/Flash Games (https://www.miniclip.com/ )

The ease of accessibility of Flash games is one of their best reliefs.

Simply type the name of the website into the box provided, and you’re there. You can now play the game and if there’s any risk of getting caught involved, you can quickly press “X” over the window (only if your teacher is looking in your direction after waking up EMO)

These unblocked gaming websites are ideal for playing a variety of arcade games and mini-games like pool.

6. Habbo Hotel

A building with a pool in the middle

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There are numerous games centered on socializing and purchasing furniture online, but there’s something special about Habbo Hottel.

Students can socialize online with this versatile social networking game like nowhere else.

It’s a sure boredom-buster.

A new Habbo user will customize their Habbo avatar and get her own private hotel room upon entering the Habbo universe. After that, Habbo provides a range of various public & guest chat rooms that users may use to chat, hang out with friends, communicate while they play games, and sell/buy goods.

7.  Math Blaster

Another excellent game to play on school computers, it’s the only game that’s recognized as belonging to the instructive category.

Math Blaster is an entertainment game that you can explore while solving your Math problems. Playing this game, children will develop confidence, speed, and accuracy in basic math abilities that will last long after their mission is through.

In this game, by resolving equations like 1+6 and 2+3, players can defeat aliens. The futuristic, fast-paced experience of Math Blaster adds up to complete your Math success here.

8. Pong

Pong is a two-dimensional recreation of table tennis.

By dragging it vertically across the left or right side of the screen, the user can move a paddle to play the game.

They face off against a different player in control of a second paddle on the other side. To hit a ball back and forth, players use the paddles.

The iconic Pong is thought to have revolutionized the gaming industry. It simply keeps it simple and lets you explore whatever options you have in your quest to win it.  Knock a ball and see how your luck shows up!!

After its debut, both customers and bar owners have just fallen in love with it.

9. Emulated Pokemon (https://www.playemulator.com/games/pokemon-online/ )

Pokemon has been the most sought-after kids’ game on consoles since the era when 386 Pokemon and Pokemon Emerald were the most recent releases.

These four basic elements are the center of the topic here.

  1. The interaction with the Pokémon creatures
  2. Exploration and adventure
  3. Social acceptance and togetherness
  4. Green technology & living in symbiosis with the environment.

What about Pokemon TCG online?

How exciting is that? We won’t get into these popular repeat questions. It’s an old fact that technology allowed you to play games like Pokemon on the PC way ago.

Google Games:

There are several free vintage games on Google that don’t even require access to the internet. One of them will bring you back to that old arcade game you used to play.

10.  Zerg Rush:

Chase the small red ‘o’s and destroy them by clicking on them before they eat up all the text on the screen.

You need to keep killing them and preserve the text on the screen. It’s a fun exercise that has proven benefits for your competitive skills growth.

11. Google Snake Game:

Just like the famous snake game in the classic Nokia phones, use the arrows to move your snake up and down, right and left, and feed him on the dots that keep appearing in different places on the screen.

You know that theme well, already. Beware, don’t crash into the walls!

12.  CoolMath (https://www.coolmathgames.com/ ):

This amazing website was never prohibited from kids’ access. It features a number of excellent and enjoyable games. Just go and enjoy some top-class math-polishing games.

13. Atari Breakout:

Just be in control of the bouncy ball and crash down all the walls that come your way. This is the theme here and the challenge for you is to keep the ball afloat with the blue bar. We loved it.

14. Google Pac-man:

Every one of us was mad about it. Pac-man was nostalgic. It still is. After all, it gives you a chance to be creative and artistic as well, and that too without any limits. Do try the Pac-man.  

15. QWOP:

One of the most played games that excited us so much that most of us would just forget all the discipline. It made us rogue. We would lose all decency. Yeah, it’s that much of an adrenaline rusher. You also try it. You’ll love it.  

16. Poptropica:

Awesome entertainment for game lovers, the theme is playing on a spy island. It’s an exciting virtual world where there’s a lot waiting for you.

17.  T Rex Dash:

T Rex pops up in our minds in no time. Be it your school computer or pad, just tap the little T-Rex to start the game. Now, simply hit the spacebar to make him jump on his erratic journey. You’ll feel like jumping yourself.

The finest thing is that no one will ever be able to obstruct Google sites as it’s really hard to keep Google off the scene. There are many Google Chrome extensions that allow you to break any obstacles that your admins may have set up.

The games are all promptly available and you can play online. You can play them just by entering their titles into your Google search bar.

BoredButton to play free online games for children

Still Clueless? Want to know more about great games to play at school on computer, this time with earning opportunities?

Here is an exciting website BoredButton ( link BoredButton.com) This website is a whole fun saga. Fun facts, card tricks, games, and whatnot.

The coolest thing is, BoredButton.com has just covered all your school gaming needs. Yes, if get caught, the website even suggests to you fascinating things to say to the class to save you any embarrassment. Even it suggests quick phrase to tell to your teacher if you get caught. However, you’ll need Adobe Flash Player to play some of the flash games on this website.

Can I make money playing free games for children?

Isn’t that something to be crazy about?

It is indeed achievable.

Now you must be asking yourself, how exactly will I earn money playing games for children? 

Well, you can engage in a variety of online activities and earn money thanks to the reward sites like Swagbucks. Once you’ve registered, you can start earning ‘Swagbucks’ by playing their free games or by purchasing in-game elements through their affiliated partners.

We’ll explore how to earn money at Swagbucks later.

Earn whopping money to play free online games for children

Playing unblocked games can potentially earn you money. Gaming firms collaborate with loyalty apps in order to increase the number of customers they need for downloads and play their games. This way they earn money through ads and you win your share.

You can also earn prizes with the following gaming applications, such as:

  • InboxDollars
  • TapChamps
  • MyPoints
  • Mistplay
  • And of course, Swagbucks.

Earn money for playing games at Swagbucks

You can earn up to $200 by playing the unblocked free games by Swagbucks.

You must first sign up at Swagbucks for free (it takes 30 seconds), after which you can start earning SB currency that can be exchanged for real cash and gift cards.

That said, at Swagbucks, the sky is the limit for your little kids pockets. You can win as much as $800 if you find the time to play all of their featured unblocked games (there are a few dozen of those featured)

Wrapping it Up

All the free online games for children mentioned above are worth your time and safe to play, permitted by parents across nations. Many of them are completely free and provide you with an amazing opportunity to evade your boredom lesson at school EMO (very funny wali).

That said, you can leverage many tricks to enable yourself to enter the game sites if you discover that you are being barred from them on your school computer.

You can find such ways approaches by searching “How do you unblock game sites on a Chromebook?” on Google.

With these excellent ideas, you can play unblocked games to your heart’s content. You’ll soon discover your go-to gaming website to avoid boredom at school.

FAQs related to fun games to play at school on computer  

What is the most popular kids online game?


FORTNITE is a massive 100-player challenge that combines looting, climbing, marching, crafting, shootouts and a lot of chaos.

The game offers new areas to explore in an expansive, destructible setting. Whether you choose to build up in Fortnite Battle Royale or go no-builds in Fortnite Zero Build, just team up with your buddies, climb with energy, and bash your way to your Victory Royale.

Whether you choose to build up in Fortnite Battle Royale or go no-builds in Fortnite Zero Build, just team up with your buddies, climb with energy, and bash your way to your Victory Royale.

Though it’s not a free game, Fortnite allows you to explore thousands of genres created by their creators to find new ways to play adventure, roleplay, survival, and more. 

You can also join forces with up to three players in Save the World to repel swarms of monsters.

Can I play video games on my student laptop?

High-end PC online games for children cannot be played on school laptops. They are intended for programming workers and other academic personnel. However, if your laptop is linked to the internet, you can play flash games.

Do these games also include puzzle games?

Yes, many of these 17 free gaming options offer puzzle games as well.

How can I unblock games on my student computer?

In only a few easy steps, you can unblock some free games at school without paying a cent:

Step 1: Look for “Hotspot Shield” in the search bar.

Step 2: Install the application on your student computer.

Step 3: Launch the application and click “connect.”

Step 4: Visit the website for the game you wish to play after you’ve connected.Step 5: You are now free to play games as you like.

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